3 Benefits of Using a Realtor

So you have decided to sell your home, but are unsure about whether to list it yourself or use a realtor. Today, we will explore how using a realtor can make the home selling process less stressful and more financially advantageous at the same time. Keep reading to find out more!

Maximizing Profit

Realtors are adept at getting top dollar for your property. They have deep insight on the current real estate market in your area both in terms of prices and sales. In other words, they know what listing price will get the most attention and what you can expect to actually sell the property for. The data that an agent gets is much more up-to-date and reliable than any sales data from websites.

If you choose to sell on your own you will not have access to the same quality and quantity of data that an agent does. This may lead to you listing the home for more than it is worth, heavily decreasing the chances of getting interested in the property. Or worse, you could list the home for less than it is worth, meaning you won’t be getting the most out of the sale. An agent alleviates this risk almost entirely. 

Process Assistance

When you get to the point of closing on the home, a number of headaches can interrupt the finalization of the sale. Repairs, closing costs, timelines, inspections, rent-backs, and more are all examples of these headaches. A real estate agent has learned to circumvent and remedy the majority of these issues with their years of experience in the industry.

They will negotiate on your behalf with the various parties involved to reduce the amount of extra time, money, and hassle required to close on the property. Agents are also bound by a code of ethics that requires them to know exactly what must be disclosed to potential buyers as well as how to disclose it. This means you don’t have to worry about under or over-sharing with buyers. Real estate agents also have to have their own insurance which will come into play if anything goes wrong during closing. You can feel safe and protected when an agent is at the helm. 

Vetting Buyers

One of the best parts about hiring an agent is their ability to vet potential buyers. They can require that interested parties get pre-qualification or pre-approval before actually viewing the property. The number of showings, therefore, will be limited to only the most serious and interested buyers. This is the main reason that agents are able to sell a home much quicker than homeowners can. 

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